My wedding shoes

Looking for bridal shoes is not really a joke. Most brides nowadays are OC and creative as well πŸ™‚ It was really hard to look for a comfortable, beautiful, cheap blue shoes for my wedding. I searched SM, Landmark, Rustans etc but I didn’t find any that will fit my qualifications πŸ™‚

I searched and searched and searched on the Internet, since I’m a big fan of Veluz Reyes but I couldn’t afford her… I just tried to imitate what she does to her brides. Some of her brides wore bridal shoes that have their color motif… and I searched and searched again for someone who can customized my shoes…and VOILA! Perfect! Perfect Match appeared.

My blue wedding shoes

After several exchange of emails for several weeks, Rhey and I met Ms. Mari for the first time. She accomodated us big time, she is so friendly πŸ™‚ She looks like Shalani Soledad we were stunned when we saw her. She told me that we are one of the nicest couple she met awwwww…. (TY Ms. Mari πŸ™‚ )

See the picture below, That was the day I picked up my customized shoes at SMX during a bridal fair last year.

We were even featured in her multiply account.Under Retardo-Rosas picture πŸ™‚

-bambhie retardo-


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