What’s on my mind today


What’s on my mind today???

Actually, I don’t really know, there are a lot of things going on my mind.

One of my friends cried to me this morning about what had happened yesterday.

Was it really a bias kind of situation or just a fair kind?

It is not easy to hold a position in a fast pacing company add that it is also

a foreign company. Language barrier, cultural differences, work ethics and

different kinds of people. There are people who don’t really care about what you feel,

everyone wears a mask, you don’t know the right person to turn to, the right tree to


Confronting a person can be a good way to end such politics but what if that person

still hides under that mask, Would it be enough to say that that person is hypocrite?

Naturally, We don’t really want to hurt somebody’s feeling especially if they did something

good to us that made us trapped in their spell. How? Why?

Human Nature…

-bambhie retardo-


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