I’m happy..rhey is happy..we are happy…everybody is happy for us :)

See the grin on our face? It is something that will not be removed.

Two or three weeks ago (as far my memory goes) I posted that I was depressed and

don’t know what to do about not having a baby yet… But last night out of curiosity, I asked

rhey to buy a pregnancy test kit…btw I’m 6 or 7 days delayed now ^o^. When he got home

he handed me the kit and of course I peed. I was frustrated at first when I put the liquid on the kit

a dark colored magenta lined form and…no 2nd line 😦 but after a minute or two…wahhhhh… a pale second line appeared and it got darker a little bit more. I threw the kit to rhey and told him to look at it. It was funny  that he couldn’t believe what he saw.

If you would ask my feelings right now…mixed emotion of course…I’m happy but worried and anxious too. hmmm… God Please make me healthy so that baby will be healthy too. Rhey posted the picture of the PT kit on facebook, there were alot of people posted their comments…we’re happy of course. When rhey got home from work he told me that one of his former classmates in high school told him that we should take another pregnancy test because the second line was pale it could be negative. I cried the whole night thinking that it could be possible but I kept praying and talking to my baby he should show up and tell the world that he is already there. I woke up very early, earlier than the usual time. I got up at  3am and peed… same procedure :)… and my baby showed up again… the pregnancy test has two bright lines now. WOOOOOOWWWWW! I’m happy…rhey is happy …everybody is happy… God is happy too because he gave another life through me and my baby. Thank you God! This is an early birthday gift for me and rhey ^o^


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