God is the answer

From my weebly account (2013 entry)

It has been more than a year since I got married. There were a lot of things happened before I got married. There were ups and downs and even the lowest. Now that I’m married and have a son, there are a lot of things that I have realized so far.

This is just my opinion ^o^

One of you might change or both of you might change. It could be of some reasons. Knowing my husband for the longest time he is the type that doesn’t really say sorry but would just kiss or hug you when he knows he’s wrong (it doesn’t happen often lol) He is the type that he wants you to understand clearly and do the thing right away but then when I ask or tell something he is totally opposite. He is the type who is impatient. He easily gets tired of going around to look for something. He is clumsy. He easily breaks something and the list goes on and on. All of these… I accepted when I married him. One thing I realized too that he is a loving father and a loving husband in his special way. He was a good provider (when he had a job). He provided the things that my son and I need to the best he could. He will do everything to give you what you want. He is a saver and just like the negative side of him, the list goes on and on.

No one is perfect. Even Angelina and Brad Pitt have their ups and downs… even Rica Peralejo and Joe Bonifacio have it as well. Any relationship goes through a phase when you feel like not loved, unhappy, sick and tired of everything, unsatisfied financially or emotionally. But then one thing I realized that my husband and I are lacking of now especially now that we are going through a financial challenge… GOD. We know who HE is. We know his name… JESUS… we can even spell it correctly and could even give the meaning of it. We are even a member of a church organization. However, when I was reading Rica Peralejo’s blog ( I realized that she and her husband find contentment and complete happiness and I think less “fighting moments” because they know JESUS well… They live by HIS word.

I know it will be a work on process for Rhey and I to focus ourselves again to JESUS. It would be very hard… but I know this would be the key to the endless argument and constant adjustment that we are facing now, Yes I know, di maiiwasan but at least lessen it or just have patience. We often argue about little things now that we didn’t mind before. Those “little things” were just like a dust on the eye. We will just wink and gone but now that I have less time on weekdays for him and Nathan because of my part time job since November and the stress of providing for the whole family’s needs and Rhey’s pressure to get a job… a stable job. Solution so far is blurred.

I pray but I don’t know if I pray with faith. I thank God for the new day HE gave but I’m unsure if it came deep down from my heart. God, blah blah blah…. that’s what I do.

Rhey… Let’s pray often, Let’s go to church often, Let’s be happy often, Let’s lift each other often, Let’s be each other’s strength, Let’s be patient to one another, Let’s offer everything to GOD. I love you more than anything in the world, I love you and Nathan. I don’t want any problem ruin our marriage. We have surpassed one of the biggest trials before, now let’s help each other move forward. Let’s dream again together. Let’s be good to one another again. Let’s be US again. Things have changed a lot. Let’s make this for Nathan.

Let’s make God center of our marriage.

Readers, Yan ang narealized ko kanina when I was reading Rica’s blog. Thank you Rica.




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