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Review: Sa Chun Sung Restaurant (Pearl Plaza, Ortigas Pasig)

Hello Everyone!

Namiss nyo ko? hahaha… I’m so sorry for being not so active these days. I was minding some things kasi at home charot! Anyway, I was sick last Saturday and Sunday which was by the way, my mom’s “40 days”. I was in charged of cooking the Pancit Canton. I had diarrhea last Saturday night until Sunday morning, then after several trips to the bathroom, I vomited… then a 38.4 fever came after on Sunday morning then it went down then went up again and finally at around 8pm it was gone. Hayyy… I wasn’t able to help out in entertaining some guests, though I was able to cook the Pancit Canton but it was very very quick, after it was cooked… I went up stairs again to rest. Thank you Ate Michelle (Rosas) for helping out Lolo Ling and to my husband who took care of me that day.

I was thinking of the culprit of it… Di ba when you have diarrhea the usual cause was the food or beverage you have taken for the last 24 hours right? or wrong? Please let me know okay? thanks.

Let’s see…

Saturday afternoon

  • Cake

Saturday lunch

  • Adobong baboy (madami akong kinaing taba)
  • rice

Saturday morning

  • Bread with butter

Friday night

  • Kimchi (I left this sa table ko sa office)
  • Rice
  • Ginisang petchay

I was also taking Celecoxib these times… so it could be the celecoxib right? or just the virus… well, I don’t know.

Anyway, Dito kasi sa company namin, every month meron kaming birthday lunch. The celebrators will be treated by the company for a free lunch. The company has been doing these for several years na rin. They would ask us where to eat, I always choose Korean resto.

For this year, October and November celebrators nag joined force na, konti lang kasi kami. We went to Sa Chung Su Restaurant. It is a Korean-Chinese Restaurant in Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City.

Actually, I don’t have the pic of the prices of the food that they have there because I didn’t bring my phone that day, so I relied to my co-worker Leanne (Thanks sa photos).

So let’s start sa roll call!


(L-R) Olga, Leanne, Ms. Joann (HR Manager), Shane, Yours truly, TL Betty (One of the PM TLs) and Sir Rey (R&D Manager)

Birthday celebrators
Japchae with egg soup
Side dishes (onions, radish, kimchi & soy sauce)
steamed dumplings with chili sauce

The Japchae was not the typical Korean style that I like. Their Japchae was saucy and was combined with rice.

Well… which for me was just so-so.

I didn’t try the Spicy seafood jampong because I’m allergic to squids so it was a NO NO for me… I have tried Sir Rey’s Spicy Beef soup it was… spicy hahaha… masarap din!

The serving was “pang habang buhay” hahaha… because of it’s large servings. Hindi lang gaanong detailed ang review na to but don’t worry I will do a detailed one on my next resto/product reviews. Disclaimer: I’m not paid.

Nevertheless, it was a good and burpy day for us.

Happy Birthday to us! God bless us with good health!



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