When you are torn in between…



How am I going to start this blog entry?

Actually, I don’t have anything in mind now. I think I just have to write about my feelings today.

I got up really early today because I was scheduled for a kidney ultrasound at Child’s Hope (Pasig City Children’s Hospital). The medical request was given to me in September even before my mom died (see how long overdue it was). I was pretty disappointed because they scheduled me at 6am, meaning to say I had to be there before the time and so I did and to my surprised I had my ultrasound past 7:30am. Good thing I got the result 5 minutes after I was tested. I waited for more than 1 and half hours, I should have slept a few more minutes on my bed- I went to bed at past 1am. Imagine the headache after that!? – My feelings: Tired, sleepy and pretty disappointed.

I got the result after 5 minutes- NORMAL! Praise the Lord! Imagine, if I have stones in kidneys… It means I have to spend a lot of money and I don’t like it. – My feelings: Thankful.

When houseworks, relationship, marriage, exhaustion mixed up! I won’t go into details anymore (when it comes to family matters, that’s when I become quiet). – My feelings: Torn, sad and worried.

I don’t want to end my day sad, torn and worried. I hope I can fix things up… hopefully, later. Can you give me a good luck!? Thanks!



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