Awesome things in the 90’s (Batang 90’s)

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Happy salary day for some people! hehehe…

Do you have any plans for the weekend? As for me, I would stay at home and supervise (I don’t know the appropriate word to describe it, so that some people might not misinterpret it) our home improvement projects. Remember the home improvement projects I talked about last time? Read it here: Places I would like to visit

Anyway… I was talking to one of my co-workers earlier about the brands that batang 90’s had. I was also surprised when she sprayed a Nenuco cologne on my hands. Ohhh! I was really happy to smelled it again. So I decided to come up with a blog entry that features a few 90’s brands or things that we enjoyed during our childhood. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much I did when I was searching it on Google. Credits to the owners of the pics. Credits na din daw kay Lala!


Start na tayo! eto na! excited na ako! gow!



Alpombra- This a proud product of Pateros ( a small town in Metro Manila, home of itik and penoy and balot). I once wore a pair of alpombra when I was in grade school it was very famous then, the design I had was the one you can see on the right (yeah! ganyan na ganyan). I remember it stinks when you wet it and forget to dry it under the sun.


Rambo– It is a very thick kind of tsinelas or slippers way back 90’s era. I don’t see Rambos anymore even when I go to the market.


Birkenstock with socks- Could you still remember your ultimate crush’s porma? hahaha. Yeah. Wearing a Birkenstock sandals and socks and low waist jeans? Wahh! Ui! kinikilig! Naalala si crush! hahaha. It was also my fashion style in the 90’s until early 2000.

It was also Rhey’s (hubby) fashion style when we were in college way back 2002.



Angel’s breath- I’m still on the search for the authentic Angel’s breath. I saw some ads online but I don’t dare purchase it because the authentic one stays on you for the whole day. You would smell really fresh. This is one of the colognes that I love. I have used the cologne, the powder and the soap. I have tried Angel’s Smile, Angel’s love. There was also for men.

Do you know where I can find this? Pleaseee. Orrrrrr! just give this to me as a present this Christmas. Sige naaaa! pleaseeee! hehehe.



Aqua net- I was very young when I saw this. The most familiar design of Aqua net was the one on the leftmost. I have tried it I think once??? when I was a flower girl in one of my tita’s wedding. The gay hairdresser used this on our hair so that the tissed hair won’t fall. Tigas pa more! lol.



Body fantasies- I think I was already in high school when it became popular. I remember asking my classmates if I could have just ONE… yeah just ONE… spray of this Raspberry Fantasy, but when I was already holding the bottle… I would spray ONE… hahaha isang dosenang spray nito… Mautak tayo eh! hahaha. Actually, there were a lot of “fantasies”.

The most famous scent was the Raspberry. Cucumber Melon, Vanilla, Strawberry and a lot more.

When one of my titas came home from the US. She gave me Vanilla Fantasy perfume. Tuwang tuwa ako mga bading! To avoid karma at that time, I left it at home in our fridge hahaha… baka may maki spray din ng ONE eh lol.

I remember pa pala, when you smelled Raspberry fantasy… ang ganda ganda mo na noon hahaha. Effective naman sa case ko, nung si crush eh tumabi sa akin ang sabi nya ” Bambs, amoy marshmallow ka!” Tarayyy! effective!


Clairol Herbal Essences- Just like the Raspberry Fantasy, it also had a few scents, I can’t remember kung ano ano yun, but the one I like the most is the pink one. I like the rose scent talaga kahit until now. It smells so good ang lakas makadalaga noon, I used it even if di sya hiyang sa akin. Eh ang bango ehhh!


Gee your hair smells terrific-  I think this is the longest shampoo brand ever! hahaha. It smells good din, however, I couldn’t remember how it smells like since I could only smell this when one of my playmates/friends have already taken a bath. Imported nga kasi ito. Yayamanin kasi sila. lol


Ivory- One of the mildest soaps during the 90’s. It smells really nice. But ang hapdi hapdi sa mata hahaha. I don’t have so much memories sa Ivory. I guess, wala na sya sa local market. Meron pa ba? Ahh meron pa! Ok! Di na kasi ako nakakakita nito e. Let me know kung san meron ha!


Nenuco- This is the one that was sprayed to me by LALA! ( o ayan ha! lol) She really made my day! Ang galing galing! It smells… really fresh. I remember buying a small bottle of Nenuco and put some on my neck! Lekat yan! hahaha! Ang hapdi! O sya tiisin ang bango eh!




Jolina Clips (daw!)/Colorful small clips- It became popular among teens in late 90’s. I didn’t have clips like these when I was in high school. I don’t know why, maybe because I don’t like colorful clips?! I always go for black. These clips still exist.


Frienship bracelets (ribbons)- Awww… I miss my mom. Whenever she would fetch me from school. She willingly bought me a friendship bracelet. I knew how to do it.

There are different kinds of couples/friendship bracelets nowadays made of various materials.


Decorated Manila Paper (visual aid)- Old school type of visual aid. I remember not exerting too much effort on making my visual aid nice. I would just buy a nice and colorful gift wrapper and cut it and pasted it on the paper. That’s it! I don’t have artistic bones. I’m sorry.


Pencil- Aside from the Mongol 1, 2 and 3. 90’s students also had these “wow hanep!” kind of pencil. You don’t have to sharpen it. You just have to pull out the blunted pencil tip and put it at the bottom, then a sharp tip is ready to use.

I bought several pencils… I guess, two years ago?? to give to my co-workers as a Christmas present.

National bookstore still has these pens. P10.00 or P15.00 a pen. (not sure)



Lala chocolate bar, Bazooka with comic strips, Lumpia, Pusit, Mik-Mik (Maine’s favorite) and White Rabbit (with edible paper daw)- Lala is one of my favorite chocolate bars in childhood, I put it in my pan de sal! (Oo nga, palaman, try mo masarap!)

Bazooka- The gum that stains in your mouth and hard to chew and a free comic strip.

Lumpia– I don’t like it because it is too salty but some kids really love it. My husband loves this too.

Pusit- Same with the Lumpia, I’m not a fan of this junk food.

Mik Mik– Maine’s favorite! The skim milk na pag inistraw mo mauubo ka hahaha but it was a hit to 90’s kids.

White Rabbit– Hahaha! Not the 90’s bus company. It is a cream candy.

Each candy is wrapped in a printed waxed paper wrapper, but within this, the sticky candies are again wrapped in a thin edible paper-like wrapping made from sticky rice. The rice wrapping layer is meant to be eaten along with the rest of the candy and can be found in the list of ingredients in the UK as “Edible Glutinous Rice Paper (edible starch, water, Glycerin Monostearate)” along with liquid maltose, white granulated sugar, whole milk powder, butter, food additives (gelatin, vanillin), corn starch, syrup, cane sugar and milk. (source: Wikipedia)


Bubble Tape– It was also a hit to rich kids in the 90’s. Kasi this is imported. As far as I could remember I never had this in childhood. As usual nakikihingi lang ako! hahaha.


Big Boy gum, Peter’s butter ball, Tootsie roll, Curly tops, Cherry Ball gum and Bazooka

Big Boy gum– As far as I could remember it was flat muna then later on naging cylinder shape na then naglaho na hehehe but it was also a contender of Bazooka at that time.

Peter’s butter ball– I think there are some supermarkets that still sell/carry this candy. Ang sarap sarap nyan. It was always in my Christmas socks when I go to The Medical City to fetch mommy (my one and only #elisarosas) after her 2-10 schedule.

Tootsie Roll– Eto yung mga pangmayaman na mga candies hahaha. I don’t often see tootsie rolls sa mga tindahan sa may amin. Tira tira was the only available at that time. But… I saw a few tootsie rolls in Tito V and Tita Marts (RIP +) store when they still had the sari sari store.

Curly tops– Curly tops are still available everywhere. I even bought a pack of it for Nathan, Sad to say, he doesn’t like it. He is a big fan of Flat Tops. In the 90’s Curly Tops was in a box. But these days, they have already came up with plastic packages.



What’s the difference? Aside from they are really different.

The difference? especially when you have already taken them out of the big plastic… Nathan knows it. Flat tops has silver background plastic wrapper while Curly tops has gold. Got it?!

Adults know that they are really different but for kids who don’t know how to read yet, they would miss it.

Cherry Ball gum– I think it still exists, I think in palengkes it is still available.


Haw haw candy and Popping candy- I was really amazed when I have tried the popping candy for the first time at first I was really scared because they told me it was “pumuputok”, I was really scared eh sympre ayoko naman sumabog ang nguso ko noh! yeah, it was pumuputok but it was not sumasabog hahaha… again it is imported, binibigyan lang ako. lol.

Haw Haw– is an all time favorite candy of the kids until now. It is milky and hindi nakakasawa aside from it favorite ito ng Aldub Nation. It is Maine’s fave candy.



Pritos ring, Rinbee, Pik-nik, Peewee, Ri-chee- Ang saya saya ng recess ko noon (I know it is bad pero masarap e), They were my favorite junk food in high school with icy cold Royal True Orange! Sarap! I was still alive hanggang uwian.


Mouth Wash– The bubble gum that really stains in your tongue. I remember I didn’t chew the other colors except for red. It was piso (P1.00) a piece.



Kool Aid– The very sour (for me) juice in the 90’s. It was very much available in sari- sari stores but nowadays, I hardly see Kool Aid. I love the strawberry flavor. Mommy (my one and only #elisarosas) would make a very cold strawberry juice for us on a hot summer day. I miss you na naman mommy 😦



Tarzan– When Mommy resigned from her work as a nursery staff in The Medical City, she put up our own sari-sari store and we were selling Tarzan. I remembered our store was the only selling it in Kawilihan.

One Christmas Eve, my two brothers (Kuya Bong and Kuya Bojie) were left at home to attend to the sari-sari store. Malakas kasi yung store namin noon, kumpleto kami ng paninda. I was told to leave a sock on the window so that when Santa arrives he would give me some candies. So I did. Then we off to the Christmas Eve mass.

(The revelation!) I ran home to see if Santa dropped by and I was surprised my socks were filled, I took out all the candies… I was really happy. I thought I was nice and not so naughty, not until I saw some Tarzan candies inside. I asked my brothers… “May tarzan din si Santa?” I doubted. hahaha… That’s the start of the reality that Santa were just my parents and my brothers.


Ovalteenies, Candy lipstick, Haw candy (Ostia daw), animal biscuits, Ding Dong, stay fresh candy bullets, bubble jug, Nata de Coco and fruit juices, Mini feeding bottles with skim milk inside.

Ovalteenies– was a product of Ovaltine, pinapapak ng mga kids to noon kaya siguro Ovaltines came up with Ovalteenies. For me! I still like the taste of Ovaltine than Milo BUT that’s just for me. We have different taste buds. Please don’t argue ha!

Haw Candy– God forgive me! When I was young, my playmates (cousins) would play misa misahan, someone would play the priest then the rest of us would be the church goers. And “the priest” would ask “Body of Christ” then we would say “Amen” and these were our hosts. Sorry God, sorry po!

Animal biscuits– I forgot who made this but it was also a popular snack noon.

Stay Fresh Candy bullets– It was like a bullet of a pellet gun but I tell you ang sarap! Ang anghang. Alam ko meron pa nito eh. Minsan bibili ako nito. I’m sure nostalgic ang manghihingi sa akin nito. Don’t worry… sure mamimigay naman ako.

Nata de coco and fruit juices– I was a big fan of these colorful natas. Piso lang kasi to noon then ngangata ka talaga. Masarap sya pag malamig. Same with the fruit juices.

Mini feeding bottles– It is like Mik-Mik but in a feeding bottle.



I don’t know how it is called, But I used to write a lot using this. Lalo na kapag may secret ako. Ano sabi dun sa picture? Right down sa comment box! Tignan natin kung tama ang sagot mo.



Driving– My Lola Pitang (paternal side) would often get angry because nalalagot daw yung sinulid. I didn’t mind it, what’s really important for me at that time was I was having a good time driving my “car”. lol



Aromatic resins/beads (kisses)– It came in different colors, sizes and scents. You need to place it on a cotton and keep it in a safe place and kailangan mo silang paanakin. Hahaha.

When I worked in a plastic printing/manufacturing company. The company uses plastic resins that look like kisses but unscented and extrude it to make plastics. Isn’t it great?!



Pinoy Lego– If Denmark has Lego, papatalo ba tayo/ sympre meron din tayo! I saw some Pinoy lego sa mga kuya ko. I didn’t really play it.



Plastic balloons– You have to blow the small straw and the gel like substance would be inflated, minsan pa beke an pa yan kasi ang hirap lumobo kailangan mo munang lawayan hahaha. Tapos when it is already big and popped, the remaining small balloons will be burst on your playmates forehead. Narealized ko nakakadiri pala hahaha… (pero nag enjoy naman ako noon)


TeksFilipino children collect these playing cards which contain comic strips and texts placed within speech balloons. They are played by tossing them to the air until the cards hit the ground. The cards are flipped upwards through the air using the thumb and the forefinger which creates a snapping sound as the nail of the thumb hits the surface of the card. The winner or gainer collect the other players’ card depending on how the cards are laid out upon hitting or landing on the ground. (source: Wikipedia)

I-sa, da-la-wa, tat-lo, cha!


Untangler/hair doctor comb– A comb that every teenager should have during our days. pag may ganito ka noon, ang buhok mo mukhang maganda kahit sa totoo lang hindi at walang pinagbago and of course mukha kang yayamanin.

I already owned an untangler when I was already working na afford ko na eh hahaha.



Yo-yo– My brothers especially Kuya Bojie was very good at playing yoyo. He would do several tricks. I remember these yo-yos were free from these soda companies. (tama ba?)

That’s it for now! Did you enjoy? How about you, share naman ng memories mo. Sharing is caring. Till next post.


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