Be careful with your words and actions!

Hello everyone!

I wish everyone would see this post and hope you’ll realize something.

I’m the type of person who talks a lot BUT would often think of the words that I will say. It is very important! Right? Our tongue doesn’t have bones but it can totally break somebody’s heart.

It may not be serious for someone who is talking but it MIGHT be serious and painful for the listener. Do you get the importance? Do you get the logic? If we are mad to something or someone, HEY! PLEASEEEEEE! F**K! Stop it okay?! People around you are affected with your f***ing attitude.

I really hate someone asking me to do something and telling it to me WITH SARCASM! I will make it intense so that you know.

My parents taught me to say SORRY if needed, However, there are people who don’t even know how to say it. It could be because of their pride or maybe they thought they would look so coward. But you know what?! It is not your reflection. It is the reflection of your loving parents. Yes! Your loving mom who lovingly taught of you that and your disciplinarian father. Now that you have already grown up you have to show to the world how much you absorbed what your parents taught you. Your parents would be very proud of you. They will be very satisfied.  Am I right?

There are sooo many people who get mad when you are mad. It is not because it is your fault BUT they would make you feel that it is your fault and not theirs. Got it? They would blame you.

I know! I know! I know! I’m human and would also often make mistake, And the quote “Jokes are half meant” is somehow true to me and for that I’M SO SORRY.

What’s my point here? BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU SAY AND DO!

What do you think is the moral of this entry?

Am I having my blood pressure rising today? Nuh! This is just an entry you know. Say sorry! it doesn’t make you less of a person. It makes you a “good sense”. Do your fair share dude!

Always… as in ALWAYS! put yourself to that person’s shoes. How are you going to feel? Good! If you don’t mind it BUT what if you do?!

Let’s put it this way. Don’t do what you think is wrong so that things won’t get worse.

I will leave you a very nice quote tonight. You, I… We have to reflect on this.


Till next post! ^o^


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