Busy Me

Hi there!

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged. I was kinda busy with some family matters. I will blog about it when I have enough time to do it.

Things went pretty well… hahaha… I know I’m hypocrite. I know it! hahaha. I resigned from my work last week. It was really tough time for me. Making the decision was just a piece of cake. I would file a resignation okay! when? on Monday okay?! sure on Friday! okay! that’s final!, but accepting the truth that I wouldn’t go to work on Monday (which falls on a Monday and it’s Labor Day) was kinda hard to imagine at first.

I have been working after I graduated, supporting my family, paying for our bills and the list goes on and on. You might be asking me why I resigned. It is because of my family. I know you know that I already have my own family. I have a four year old son who will go to Kindergarten in June. Long before I made my final decision to give up my job in an online tutorial company, I have been thinking of becoming a full time housewife. I know there isn’t a full time nor a part time right? But I hope you got what I’m trying to say.

First, No one would look after my son. My husband is now a “casual” employee in a children’s hospital here in our city, we have been waiting for this for a longggg time and not just about that. He has to work for 12 hours a day. I don’t know how it really works for them but anyway it affected us. Our family needs to adjust. Second, my dad isn’t getting younger. He’s turning 70 in June. He could still walk and all but I mean running after my 4 year old dear son would be difficult for him. Imagine 70 vs 4. With all the tantrums and all. And so I decided to quit.

I think I have mentioned in my previous post that our company is not doing so well (SORRY, NO DETAILS).  That’s when I computed my net, my husband’s salary would be bigger than I would receive. Don’t worry! I wouldn’t stay here at home and just log in and log out on Facebook, blog the whole time, eat and sleep, well… maybe nagging everyone at home the whole time is more realistic hahaha… I’m currently applying for a home based job, I hope this would work perfectly for me and for my family.

Can you pray for me? I have a final demo on May 3. I have gone through a lot of mock classes already and I hope I can do it on the final round. Let’s do this!

I’ll see you around again! Bye for now!



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